5 Steps to peel an orange or mandarin in less than 10 seconds

peel an orange

Oranges are really rich in vitamin C, and is a great source of fiber and a large supply of vitamins A, B and G as well as minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

Yet peeling oranges can be a tedious job at times. It is not only hard enough to remove their skin, but also you end up with their hands sticky and wet with juice. This is something that can make people think twice before they want to eat one.

Well, have you tried a different way to peel an orange?

A very easy and brilliant way to peel an orange or mandarin in just 10 seconds, plus you will not necessarily stick your hands with this simple trick.

All you need is a knife, then of course an orange or mandarin to peel.

I do not think I’m an expert peeling fruits, but I am a bit practical, and the fact is that sometimes I feel like drinking a mandarin or orange, but when I consider that I need to peel it, many times I can’t feel like it… or at least until I discovered this great trick we share with you today.

Just a knife in hand and three slices is what it takes to peel an orange in a flash and the segments ready to taste and without the need to stain your hands.

The steps are really easy:

peel an orange

Just slice both sides of orange (images 1 and 2). Do not cut too much to avoid taking part of the flesh of fruit.
Next, make a cut ( as you can see in the 3rd picture) and then roll out orange on a strip (as shown in picture 4).

peel an orange

It’ s simple as that. Now you’ve got your delicious orange ready to be served on a strip.

peel an orange

Watch this video it’s very simple!

At last a very simple way to peel an orange, and the truth is the end result is quite nice. So what do you think about this trick?

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