Top 5 foods high in vitamin B12

foods high in vitamin B12

Foods high in vitamin B12 are the greatest health benefits offered. Because vitamin B12, also called the growth vitamin, has important functions; some associated with food metabolism and others with cell growth.

Vitamin B12 is very necessary for healthy body function and prevention of diseases such as cancer. Discover the foods with the highest content of this vitamin.

But first, why is vitamin B12 essential in our diet?

  • The vitamin B12 are responsible for ensuring the blood flows normally.
  • It is also directly related to the functioning of neurons.

  • When we are deficient in B12 it can lead to constant headaches or fatigue.
  • It fights some types of dementia and heart disease.
  • It is very effective in states of depression.
  • It improves the aspect of the skin since it increases the levels of collagen and elastin.
  • It helps to better synthesize the cells, which can prevent the development of cancer and other diseases such as anemia.

Foods high in vitamin B12 include

Recommended daily amounts are minimal, only 0.0015mg per day. For people over 50 years they may need a higher intake or a dietary supplement.

foods high in vitamin B12


In eggs we can find an amount of this vitamin: 1.28 mg per egg ( big size). According to the experts, in order to make the most of the vitamin contained in the eggs, it is advisable to cook them as an omelette, and not fried or boiled.

Dairy products

Each cup of milk contains approximately 1.1 mg. Also, dairy products contain a lot of vitamin B12, such as plain yogurt (1.28 mg/ 200).


Salmon provides the most vitamins. For 150 grams of this cooked fish there are 9 milligrams of vitamin B12. Another healthy source of this vitamin is sardines: 7.6 milligrams per 85 grams. Also, tuna canned in water contains 2.4 milligrams per 85 grams.


Beef meat is high in this vitamin. We can find a quantity of between 65 and 80 milligrams per 100 grams in the liver. One of the foods with the highest amount of vitamin B12 is lamb: 100 grams of lamb kidneys provide 55 milligrams.

Chicken is lower in calories and suitable for a balanced diet. In your case, cooked (and skinned) chicken breast contains 30 milligrams per 85 grams.

Foods from vegetable sources

These include products such as cereals, brewer’s yeast, seaweed, wheat, quinoa and soya. Its vitamin B12 content is relatively low compared to meat and fish, but it is a good alternative for those who are vegetarian.

Deficiency in vitamin B12

If this vitamin is missing from the body, it is easy to see its deficiency because people have pernicious anemia or a very low production of red blood cells.

Also, you start having a problem with your period, a problem that may even go away for a while until your intake of the vitamin resumes.

You start to get excessive coloring in your hands, but this can only be seen in people of color.

If you are over 50, you should always check with your doctor to see if you need this supplement, because at that age, your intake of this vitamin b12 is affected.

Smoking problems also cause serious problems in the absorption of this vitamin, and during pregnancy and breastfeeding when it should be taken as a supplement.

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