How to clean your sinuses in a few seconds using only your fingers

How to clean your sinuses

The sinusitis are one of the most common diseases that affect many people. The good news is they are natural remedies which can help control the symptoms of sinusitis.

Sinus inflammation can be caused by an infection. They are hollow spaces where air passes through the bones around the nose, producing mucus that drains in the area. If your nose is bloated, it can cause blockage and pain.

We will show you how to clean your sinuses in a few seconds using only your fingers, it is a very simple and effective technique with really amazing results.

The goal is to reduce or eliminate the excess mucus that is causing the blockage of the sinuses. Acupressure can be very helpful in this case. Simply pressing certain points on the body to increase the flow of fluid and remove the mucus also helps improve breathing.

How to you clean sinuses with your fingers?

1- Apply pressure between your eyebrows

How to clean your sinuses

While pushing the roof of your mouth with your tongue, press your finger against your eyebrow and hold it for 15 seconds. When you relax your finger and tongue, you will feel how the mucus has largely dissolved. You can also alternate between tongue and frown pressure.

2- Apply pressure along the eyebrows

How to clean your sinuses

When your upper forehead breasts are blocked by mucus, place your fingers at the beginning of each eyebrow, tilt your head forward and lean on your elbows.

How to clean your sinuses

Hold pressure a few seconds and slide your fingers toward the center of your eyebrows. Do the same procedure at that point and slide your fingers to the end of your eyebrows to perform the same process one last time. This method is foolproof, according to Amber Lynn.

All these pressure techniques are very effective and successful in unblocking naturally, without the need for medication.

You will find a video to help you in the right way.

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