9 things your mother has hidden from you throughout your life

9 things your mother has hidden from you throughout your life

From the moment we are born, their mothers always accompany us in every moment and every day of our lives, but there are always things they don’t tell us… They have thoughts that we are aware of and today we want show them to you, so you will value your mother more after reading this.

1- She was suffering a lot of pain for 9 months

For nine months our mothers sacrifice themselves, stop drinking, stop smoking, suffer from morning sickness, aches and pains every time their baby moves… and you’ve never heard your mother reproach you.

2- You’ re the reason she cried so much.

When you know she’s pregnant with you or the anxiety when you get sick or maybe you’re proud of every step she took but cries a lot for you.

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3- She wants the last bite too

Your mother also wants that last bite or the last piece of something to eat left on the table but for love she leaves it to you.

4. Always concerned about you.

It all started during the pregnancy, you weren’t born yet and she was already concerned about nothing bad happening to you and she will continue to be concerned throughout her life.

5- It’s not perfect

Like everyone else, she is human, although she is your mother, so do not get on her nerves when she makes a mistake or gives you too much attention.

6- She loves to look at you

It’s probably his favorite hobby when you’re around. When I was a kid, I used to watch you sleep, and when you grew up, every step I took

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7- When you cry his world falls apart

Every time she sees you suffer, she suffers with you so she comforts you and helps you get through it.

8- Allowing you to leave is really hard for her

Since you were born you’ve been with her so it’s tremendously difficult for her to let you go. Whether it’s to go to college, to become independent in a new flat or for love. And the important thing is always to have her around.

9- I would do it all over again

Despite the pain, the birth, the worries… I would do it all over again to have you as a child.

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