10 simple and effective exercises to do at home

The most commonly accepted excuse for this is lack of time, although it also comes with individual fatigue or simply laziness. Actually, there are ways to train without going to the gym.

With these 10 exercises you will be able to keep fit from home and without spending money. They are also very simple and easy to follow.

Perform about 15 repetitions for each exercise and remember to take a short break for 10- to 15 seconds between set.

10 Exercises to lose weight and strengthen muscles at home

1- Jumping jack

The best way to start a workout is to warm up your muscles, which is why many workouts start with jumping jack. Start with your arms down and close to your body. Do an upward jump, raising your arms and spreading your legs together and making a kind of star.

2- Crunches

This exercise is to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It also helps to improve body posture. You should lie down with your back on the floor and bend your knees. Place your hands behind your ears and elbows open, and push up to bring your chest closer to your legs. You do not need to lift yourself completely.

3- Wall squat

You must keep your position for a certain amount of time (30 seconds for each repeat). The idea is to lean your back against the wall and bend your knees, as if you were in a chair. You will feel the weight from your body against your legs after a few seconds.

4- Push ups

This exercise’s main goal to strengthen the arms. You should place your hands on the ground, both sides and in a straight line. Keeping your legs fully stretched, lower your body by bending your elbows until they are close to the ground. It is one of the most exhausting exercises, so it is advisable to start as fewer repetitions, or simply to rest your knees to make it easier.

5- Leg stabs

This exercise helps to strengthen the legs and buttocks. Start by standing up with your legs slightly apart. Keeping your back straight, take a forward pass and bend your other leg so that your knee is close to the ground. Then, return to the starting position. Swap legs at each repetition.

6- Planks

This position is similar to push-ups, but serves to train other parts of your body. Stand upside down, with your elbows and forearms resting on the floor. With your legs stretched out, keep your back straight and squeeze your abdomen. You should not move, just stay in this position for 30 seconds without changing your posture.

7- Mountain climber

It is very good exercise for your legs and increases your heart rate. Keep your palms on the floor and your arms stretched out. Lift one knee up to your chest and then do the same with the other knee. Repeat these movements quickly without changing the rest of your stance, as if you were climbing a mountain.

8- Push ups rotations

This is one of the most demanding exercises, so it can be one of the most complicated to do. As with the push-ups, lower your body by bending your elbows until they are close to the ground. The difference is that when it’s time to rejoin, you turn your body to the side and stretch your arm upwards. Change sides with each repeat.

9- Side plank

Turning the whole body to one side. Lean your elbow and forearm on the side of which you will exercise on the floor and stay in that position with your legs stretched out. Change sides in the middle of the repetition to exercise both sides of the body.

10- Squats

It will help strengthen your thighs and buttocks. While standing, slowly bend your knees into a sitting position and stretch your arms out in front of you. Then return the position you started in and repeat.

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