How to wash faux leather jacket

How to wash faux leather jacket

The faux leather is a tissue that has qualities similar to  the real leather.  Usually it has many  characteristics in common with the real tissue, fortunately it still has an affordable price.

Even though; it is ship to buy compared with the real leather, it is not a reason to give it less care.That is due to the fact that this type of fabric has low quality standards, so you must take more precautions to make it last longer.

In case you have a faux leather jacket  and you want to know how to wash it up as new, we are going to tell the right method.

3 ways to wash faux leather jacket or pants:

1. Washer machine

If you want to wash your faux leather jacket in the washing machine, you must use a cycle of delicate garments with cold water, and a bucket of detergent for colored clothes.

Let the garment about 15 minutes in maximum and right before centrifuging,  take the jacket out from the washing machine. After that, drain off the excess water gently using your hands.

2. Hand wash

If you prefer to wash your faux leather jacket by hand, all what you have to do is to prepare a mixture  made of warm water and  mild dish washing detergent. In addition to that, you need to  stir the mixture until bubbles come out.

In case the stained area is significantly obvious, try to wash it in parts. In fact, that  will make it easier to be cleaned. You need also, to wet a soft and to bring a piece of cloth that contains some of the mentioned mixture. Then, wring it out and wipe it over the areas of the garment to be treated. Finally, don’t forget to dry the jacket well with another dry piece of cloth.

3. Spot clean only

If the stains are difficult like ink or dye, use cotton with a little alcohol and rub the area gently until the stains disappear. After wiping with alcohol, use a clean piece of cloth with cold water to remove any traces of liquids such as soap or alcohol. Since it can easily vanish the color of your faux leather jacket, don’t forget to remove the alcohol as fast as possible.


Just in case you want to get rid of stains on your faux leather jacket, carry wet wipes with you and if you have any mishaps use them.

Try to keep your jacket away from any kind of stains, because the washing machine is going to be very harsh to wash it. In this way, your jacket remains new and clean.

It is important to avoid the use of soap flakes on vinyl leather, they may stick to cloth.

These leathers are made of plastic which is highly flammable. should be Keeping them out of heat and flames.